What is push-over analysis?

Pushover analysis allows the evaluation of the non-linear response of structures. It is performed by applying distributions of increasing horizontal forces to the structure until the structure collapses. These distributions of forces or displacements are chosen so that they are representative of the inertia forces to which the structure is subjected in seismic conditions (generally the regulations indicate distributions of forces proportional to the mass or to the first mode of vibration of the structure). The results can be summarized with a capacity curve, which represents the displacement of a control point (typically at the top of the building) as a function of the global shear at the base of the building. Pushover analyzes are an almost indispensable tool for masonry structures, since they are characterized by markedly non-linear behavior even for low load levels. They are also a very powerful tool for evaluating the health status of the structure, through the observation of the collapse mechanisms and the capacity curve. Recent regulations allow the use of pushover analyzes and the application of global building checks to evaluate the seismic resistance of the structure.

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