Histra Bridges v. 24

Powerful solver based on sparse matrix method and developed by researchers at the University of Catania, which features the execution of non-linear static analyzes with force and displacement control for the evaluation of the load-bearing capacity of the structure in static and seismic conditions.

Easy and clear reading of the results

The visualization of the results is simple and intuitive, giving a clear vision of the global and local response of each fiber, through appropriate color maps in terms of tensions, deformations, plastic deformations, damage indicators, both in 3D views and with 2D graphs of easy reading. It is possible to trace the response in terms of capacity curves and influence lines of the collapse multiplier as the position of the mobile load varies, to identify those positions that determine the minimum value of the bearing capacity of the structure. The results obtained can be exported into tables with XLS format files and into graphs in the most common standard formats.

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Histra Bridges is the software dedicated to 3D structural modeling and non-linear analysis of multi-span masonry arch bridges. The innovative strategy allows the user to simulate the inelastic response of the bridge using a revolutionary approach with discrete macro-elements.


Histra Bridges v. 2024.1

For road and railway bridges

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