Histra arches and vaults

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With Histra Arches And Vaults it is possible to analyze the origin and spread of fracture in masonry, thanks to:

  • the non-linear interfaces that allow such failure mechanisms
  • the advanced numerical procedures for force and displacement control.

Also, Histra Arches And Vaults implements:

  • modal analysis, for the dynamic characterization of the modes and natural frequencies of vibration of the structure;
  • force-controlled incremental nonlinear static analysis, monotonic or cyclic, based on the standard or modified Newton-Raphson method;
  • incremental nonlinear static analysis with displacement control, monotonic or cyclical, based on the Arc Length method or with the Control-Displacement method;
  • incremental nonlinear static analysis can be performed by activating the LineSearch routine according to the Interpolated, RegulaFalsi, Bisection, Secant procedures.

 All this features, makes the numerical procedure extremely fast and reliable, able to capture any degradation.

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Histra Arches And Vaults is the software dedicated to the structural modeling and non-linear analysis of masonry structures featuring curved geometries, such as arches, vaults and domes. With particular regards to historical and monumental buildings, it uses the discrete macro-element approach (DMEM). The CORE module also includes the SVS seismic vulnerability estimation function.


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Histra arches and vaults v. 24.1.0

for arches and vaults

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