CAE Network

CAE NETWORK is one of the Gruppo Sismica partner company. CAE Network team is composed by structural engineering professionals passionate about CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), experts in finite element (FEM) and macro-element (DMEM) modeling of building and bridge structures. Our team includes industry professionals, university professors and CAE software developers.

CAE NETWORK is highly specialized in consultancy services to professionals and engineering companies, offering the modeling and structural analysis of buildings and infrastructures and using advanced finite element (FEM) or discrete macro-element (DMEM) models for the evaluation of structural safety under static and seismic actions.

Gruppo Sismica is partner of CAE NETWORK for modeling, dedicated software development and analysis of existing structures. Thanks to this combination of knowledge about real engineering problems, excellent academic background and solid experience in engineering software, we guarantee on-time deliveries with significant cost reduction for our customers’ projects.

As our fundamental principle, we never ask our clients for sensitive or confidential information about their company and/or their projects. We exclusively deal with scientific and technical documentation. Continuous improvement through a strong connection with the professional world and cutting-edge academic research is our key to keeping the pace with the needs of our customers and the evolution of the CAE sector.